Professionalism from BASIS?!

This is an example of unprofessional behavior of BASIS, the guardian of Bangladeshi IT companies. Everyone here is talking about the future of Bangladesh's IT. All are trying to get more and more work from outside world. But what the leaders doing?? Ruining our image to the foreign countries!! BASIS had an election recently [...] an useful website I found this website suddenly while surfing the internet. Its really an interesting and useful website. Most of the time, while developing websites with ajax, couldn't find the proper loader to show on the web. This website has a large collection of loaders and you can choose the foreground and background color as you [...]

Change System Property

I found this article on VistaArc's blog and found it interesting. Thought I should share it here. If you are using Windows XP, create a text file with the name 'oeminfo.ini' in 'C:WINDOWSSystem32' folder and type following lines in it: [General] Manufacturer="Type anything you want" Model="Type anything you want" [Support Information] Line1="Type anything you want" [...]

IIS doesn’t support .htaccess!

IIS server doesn't support .htaccess file!!! This is a problem for most of us PHP developers. At least for me! Whenever I build a website, the default page is index.php. IIS doesn't take index.php as the default page. It looks for default.html/index.html etc. I don't have access to the configuration files of the server. What [...]