Algorithm Analysis Exam(!)

It was Data and Computer Communication exam last day. The exam was horrible!! I don’t know if the questioner himself knows all the answer.

Its also true that we should know the answers before going to sit for the exam. We should be prepared for any type of exam. Or how can we say that I’ve finished Data and Computer Communication successfully!!! So the fault is mine. I didn’t study hard.

The next exam is Algorithm Analysis. I like the subject but have a lot of weakness!! I don’t understand why we have to learn 5/6 types of sorting algorithm while we can do it with one!!! I think the complexity analysis is just a bullshit!! Author just make up some equations as he wishes without any logic saying these are trivial(!), but whenever I make up my equation, its always wrong!!!

I should study now, but have four days break ahead. So took a break for today.

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