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  • Traffic Simulation with HTML/CSS

    Traffic Simulation with HTML/CSS

    Here is how to create a traffic simulation using HTML/CSS …and a pinch of JavaScript. I used CSS3 animations, vehicle images from freepik and jQuery. First, let’s create the road where the vehicles will run. We’ll add three lanes where one will be reserved for priority vehicles and public transports. On each lane, we’ll add […]

  • Email Obfuscation – WordPress Shortcode

    Recently I was working on a WordPress website and was into a situation where I wanted to protect the email address from spam bots but also didn’t want the legitimate users to go through the trouble of filling out captcha and click an extra link. WordPress do have a nice function called antispambot which does it […]

  • Advanced object selection using Mootools

    Mootools’ “Selectors” utility has some really strong feature. It really saves a lot of time and sweat. Using this property, one can select a tag (any one can!), tag with specific name, id or any other attribute (huh!) and most amazingly part of a property value matching to some string… Say you want to select […]

  • Mootools Basics

    Mootools is a great JavaScript library and I feel really comfortable using it. There are lot other libraries, like JQuery, DoJo, ExtJS. They have their own features, but I feel strong with Mootools. ExtJs is really good, but very much heavyweight. On the other hand, Mootools is really lightweight. Including all the core features, it […]

  • An Website Colorscheme Editor

    I’ve worked on a website color scheme editor recently. The main idea was to change the colors and banner of a website. The target website was my recent work with my department’s website. Well…. There are a lot of color scheme editor available on the web, but I tried something different. I wanted to give […]

  • IIS doesn’t support .htaccess!

    IIS server doesn’t support .htaccess file!!! This is a problem for most of us PHP developers. At least for me! Whenever I build a website, the default page is index.php. IIS doesn’t take index.php as the default page. It looks for default.html/index.html etc. I don’t have access to the configuration files of the server. What […]