Basic PHP – Part 1

This article is about very basic of PHP coding, creating functions and database connection using PHP. Later posts may contain detail about other features.

Target viewers are assumed as familiar with C/JAVA or other similar programming language. So I didn’t bother to clarify basic syntax.

Writing PHP code:

All your PHP content should be inside <? ?> tags. That is the file format should be:

Your content here.

Most of the functions in PHP are similar to C. So if you can code in C, you can code in PHP. There are simple exceptions as: Continue reading

Basic HTML – Part 2

This is the continuation of my previous post Basic HTML – Part 1. On this phase of the post, I’m going to explain the table and form tags.


Table is a very important tag and widely used for alignment management of web pages. It is defined by the <table> tag. Some hierarchy are needed to be maintained for tables. First the table, then row, then column and finally content of the column. Continue reading

Basic HTML – Part 1

Well.. I was supposed to take a short class for my developer group in a recent project. I thought I’d rather post the topics and some detail of that class here, which can help beginners.

First of all, we are going to learn some keywords and their use:

  • HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language.
    • Used to write web pages. Browsers understand this language. You have to talk with web browsers in this language.
  • Tags
    • Tags are used to distinguish different elements in a web page. As an example, we’d use the anchor tag (<a>) to define anchor or links.
  • CSS – Cascading Style Sheet
    • CSS is used to define style for a web page. We’d learn about CSS in a later session.
  • Scripts
    • Scripts are some programming language which helps to interact a web page with user and server. PHP, JavaScript etc. are commonly used scripts in web development.

Now I’m going to explain some rapidly used tags here. Continue reading

SEO – Whats the big deal?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, became a buzz word since few years. It became headache of the webmasters. “Is my website properly optimized for search engines?” “How can I index my site to popular search engines?” Some tries to use the ‘Black Hat’ way (don’t know how successful those approaches are)!!

I thought, as there is nothing to do right now, I may give some advice for free about this.

SEO means optimizing your website properly, so that popular search engines index your important pages. Its important because you have to catch the market. If people can’t find you out through search engines, how would they reach you?

OK, how to optimize your site? Its not that hard. You code your pages properly and keep your contents organized. Manage search bots using robots.txt and reffer/block from indexing some directories. Continue reading