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  • Lets Encrypt commands for CentOS

    Lets Encrypt commands for CentOS

    This is just a quick cheatsheet to install and renew letsencrypt certificates. Let’s say, your domain name is and your email address is [email protected] and hosted on a CentOS server running Apache.

  • CSS Dropdown Menu

    CSS Dropdown Menu

    Let’s create a dropdown menu with CSS and HTML only. There are lots of fancy menus out there. This is just an experimental HTML-CSS based multi-level menu with room for improvements. Someone starting to learn CSS might find this helpful. To quickly explain how it’s done, menu is contained within ul and each menu item is […]

  • Useful extensions for Laravel

    Useful extensions for Laravel

    I’m starting to love Laravel. And while starting new project, there are few extensions I like to use which saves a lot of time. Maybe someone else will find these useful as well. 1. Laravel 4 Generators A really awesome extension from Jeffrey Way. This makes life easier by creating all the controllers and models […]

  • Advanced object selection using Mootools

    Mootools’ “Selectors” utility has some really strong feature. It really saves a lot of time and sweat. Using this property, one can select a tag (any one can!), tag with specific name, id or any other attribute (huh!) and most amazingly part of a property value matching to some string… Say you want to select […]

  • File upload/download on MySQL database

    Well… It is already a well discussed topic. But when I was first trying to find out how to do this, I really got stuck. Actully it took me a lot of time to find out the key code segment for the purpose. So, here is what I’ve learned: The table: Suppose the structure of […]

  • Monitor’s ICC Profile

    Well… I’m not an expert on this section, but just solved my problem regarding this. So thought, I’d share. I used to see the white as yellow on my Photoshop!! My monitor is Samsung SyncMaster 920NW. This problem occurred both in Windows XP and Vista!! Explored different forum but didn’t get the perfect solution. Then […]

  • Basic PHP – Part 1

    This article is about very basic of PHP coding, creating functions and database connection using PHP. Later posts may contain detail about other features. Target viewers are assumed as familiar with C/JAVA or other similar programming language. So I didn’t bother to clarify basic syntax. Writing PHP code: All your PHP content should be inside […]

  • Basic HTML – Part 2

    This is the continuation of my previous post Basic HTML – Part 1. On this phase of the post, I’m going to explain the table and form tags. Table: Table is a very important tag and widely used for alignment management of web pages. It is defined by the <table> tag. Some hierarchy are needed […]

  • Basic HTML – Part 1

    Well.. I was supposed to take a short class for my developer group in a recent project. I thought I’d rather post the topics and some detail of that class here, which can help beginners. First of all, we are going to learn some keywords and their use: HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language. Used […]