Finalizing CSE Website

Got a phone call from Atul at around 2:30 pm today (actually yesterday, its around 1am now). I have to rush to department. Sir called and asked to go and finalize the website today. Sir called… What can I do… Finished my lunch in a hurry and went to department.

Sir managed 3 PCs for our work. Worked until 9pm at department and almost finished the website. This is the re-designing of our departments website. The latest design is not very much attractive and I don’t like it. But we have to consider everyone’s choice… Thats why we had to compromise some special and web2.0 features planned earlier.

Whatever.. I’m too tired now to study Data Communication for next exam. But have to sit with the book now, otherwise there is a possibility to get a big 0 on the exam.

I’ve attached some advertise from text-link-ads at this site on test basis. Don’t know how that thing works. They says it takes some time, maybe days to view ads for the first time. So, can’t see them.

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