Fundamentalists rising again?!

This post is just a personal opinion of mine regarding some recent events going on my country. Actually there are a lot of things happened in recent days. After the new caretaker government came into the power, many changes had come. I had my full moral support for them. But from some recent activities of this government, I’ve been reconsidering my opinion. Are they doing right?

The most recent event happened is regarding the sculpture in front of Zia International Airport. Some fundamentalist madrassa students protested the sculpture and I was astonished to see that authority agreed with them!

Actually these fundamentalists peoples who manage their breads depending on religion always love to come to the lime light by doing something like this. Because generally they have nothing special, so people may notice them. And in recent Bangladesh, most of the general people don’t actually care about them except when they start shouting with some sticks and large daggers in their hand in the name of ‘Zehad’ or religion!

So I believe the first time they started this just from that mentality to come to the front page of newspaper.

Fundamentalists protest sculpture 3 Baul in Bangladesh
Fundamentalists protest sculpture 3 Baul in Bangladesh

But the problem started when authority agreed with them! There is a ‘Joruri Abostha’ going on in the country. But is it only for the general public? General people can’t move around and if some friends sit together for a party RAB will come and insult them and make them leave (Source: Prothom Alo)??

Then why were not those fundamentalists arrested when they were gathering before the most secured zone ‘Airport’??

Bangladesh is not Afganisthan! If those few fundamentalists were protested that day, this situation won’t happen today!

Students protest fundamentalism
Students protest fundamentalism

Students of different universities, and also all the cultural people are protesting that compromise of authority and fundamentalists. But there is no noticable action from the government. Why?

We also see this type of compromise of government when advisors of government do meeting with secratery of ‘Jamayate Islam’ while there is an arrest warrent against him and police says he is not found anywhere!

I understand that government don’t want to make these poeple crazy before the election. But does this make any good? Now they are asking for a Hazz Minar before the airport. As soon as the government compromised with them, it became a political issue and most of the fundamentalist political team startes shouting with them.

My question is, if there were an attemp to place a Hazz Minar and the hindu people start to say ‘no Hazz Minar before airport’, would the government listen to them? I don’t think so. Because there is no fundamentalist political party to back them!!

The sculpture which was planed to place before airport wasn’t any God or anything like that of other religions. That is just a symbol of culture of traditional Bangladesh. Then why is this protest??

Some idiot politicians have changed our constititution and declared Bangladesh as ‘Muslim’ country. But does that matter any way? Constitution of Bangladesh also says that any people of any religion have his/her freedom to continue his/her religious activity.

So even if it was a Tumb of Hindu or a Church of Cristian people, no one can protest them! They weren’t going to place that by breaking the Mosque.

I hope the government doesn’t think/want Bangladesh to become a fundamentalist country.

I’d expect the government would do something soon and place the sculpture at its place. Otherwise al the good works of the government would go away because of some few stupid deeds.

* Image collected from Prothom Alo

Published by Ashiqur Rahman

Programmer and photography enthusiast.