Hello World!!!

Helloooooooo World!!!

Back to blogging after long time… Nothing to write actually. Or maybe there are a lot of things to share. Can’t understand how to start!

Lets start by saying how was the day.. It was a very hot and pretty useless day! Exam was a bull shit and finished around 11:30 am. Then there were some work to do at department. But Zaber Sir, whom we are working with couldn’t come for some reasons. We kept waiting until evening.

After a long time today I played table tennis! Played a lot and all my fingers, arms and legs are jammed! I am not at all a good table tennis player. Just know the theoretical rules!!

Well, whatever… Returned to home around 4:30 pm. I was too exhausted because of playing and temperature! More over I’ve slept only for 2 hours last night. So, slept for around 5 hours and now I’m here before PC..!!

Have fun all. I’ll be right back.. : )

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