Multiple IE versions at once

Those who are related with web development knows how much pain IE may give. Though Internet Explorer sucks, majority of the general people still uses IE. So, whenever you create a web, you have to check it with IE. Otherwise there might be some bugs which would cause you to lose client or visitor.

There are more pains!! Its not enough to check with only IE6 or IE7. Output may differ!!

I’m using IE7 in my PC and was looking for a way how can I install some previous versions of it. Then I found this amazing article at StylizeWeb about multiple version of IE.

This is an nice software from TredoSoft. You can install different version of IEs. I think IE6 is enough. But you can have some earlier versions if you wish. It doesn’t have IE7 yet. So you can download that from Microsoft’s website and install this software for previous versions. This software doesn’t work on Vista yet. But they are working on it.

Download the latest version of the software from there website:

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